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Worse Than A Buddhist Temple Fundraiser

Remember when Republicans were all up in arms about this? The Democratic National Committee eventually returned the money donated by the Temple’s monks and nuns. Twelve nuns and employees of the temple, including the temple’s abbess, refused to answer questions … Continue reading

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The RNC Meltdown

The right wing coalition is beginning to fall apart in a way we haven’t seen since the last vestiges of New Deal liberalism died in the Democratic Party. The teabagger fail is complimented by the RNC meltdown and the foibles … Continue reading

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“Young” Republicans Go Gaga

In a sign of how badly the GOP has fumbled its future with a rising generation of progressive youth, the “Young Eagles” who enjoyed that lesbian-bondage club in LA were all under the age of 45. Yes, that’s what qualifies … Continue reading

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Palin: Teh Train Wreck™ Over Before It Began

What happens to a party more concerned with ideological purity than electoral success? Why, they wind up irrelevant and out of power. Sometimes they even die out. Will the GOP go the way of the WHIGs? Perhaps. In fact, I’d … Continue reading

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