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Worse Than A Buddhist Temple Fundraiser

Remember when Republicans were all up in arms about this? The Democratic National Committee eventually returned the money donated by the Temple’s monks and nuns. Twelve nuns and employees of the temple, including the temple’s abbess, refused to answer questions … Continue reading

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FreedomWorks Sponsors Beck

It had to happen; Beck was running out of potential sponsors. Via Karoli at C&L: Actually, it surprises me that it took this long for the astroturf front organization to just go ahead and sponsor their biggest booster on Faux … Continue reading

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Palin’s Party Prattle

Sarah wants a new third party to, y’know, make Republicans have to debate harder an’ stuff: ThinkProgress has a list of her statements about a third party; up til now she has taken the more popular position among teabaggers that … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: “And Yet It Melts”

Among random crap on Twitter, I found a gem: the so-called “American Voice” website contains anti-intellectual hate speech. The problem, according to “Mr. Silence Dogood Houston, Texas” (once again invoking the rule that wingnuts lack an irony gene), The more … Continue reading

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Tea Party Story Changes

FreedomWorks has revised its estimates of the tea party crowd in Washington Saturday… downwards, to “between 600,000 and 800,000″ attendees. Matt Kibbe, president of the astroturfing agency known as FreedomWorks, told the assembled teabaggers that ABC News had reported crowd … Continue reading

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CBS: Credulous Breathless Stenography

CBS News ran a story last night on a “conservative alternative” to the AARP, the American Association of Retired Persons. A single hour of web-based investigation into the American Seniors Association, however, reveals it to be a Republican front group. … Continue reading

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