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Looks Like All “Compassionate” Conservatives “Do” God

Tony Blair former Labour Prime Minister of the UK, – he who famously got on with Bill Clinton and even more infamously got on with George Bush – was a Labour Prime Minister. Under the influence of his chief political … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Non-Christians Can Get Out

Via JoeMyGod: on Sunday night, Rick Santorum was introduced at an event in Louisiana by Baptist pastor Dennis Terry, who wants all the non-Christians to “get out” of the United States. Presumably, that would mean putting them all in concentration … Continue reading

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What Religious Freedom Is Not

Many moons ago, when I “were a lass” (as they say in the North of England from whence a great many of my ancestors came), I learned that our country was founded on the basis of religious freedom. I had … Continue reading

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Politics and Religion Are Not Supposed to Mix

Let me repeat that title: Politics and religion are not supposed to mix. That’s the basis on which our country was founded. Quite simply, that’s what separation of Church and State is all about. In the UK, where I live, … Continue reading

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Greydon Square, “Myth”

Born Eddie Collins, Greydon Square is an openly-atheist hip hop artist and Iraq veteran. I’ve enjoyed his jams over the years, as few rappers are willing to riff on intellectual subjects like Pascal’s Wager. With a new album coming out … Continue reading

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The Cognitive God of Identity

Forty studies in twenty countries find that religion is a universal phenomenon: This project does not set out to prove god or gods exist. Just because we find it easier to think in a particular way does not mean that … Continue reading

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Atheist Affirmations: Time to Grow Up

From Glen Corvus Good evening, faithful! I hope the Lord’s Day finds you happy, well-fed and blissfully ignorant of the horrible realities that currently plague our blessed world. For in these troubling times, it has never been more important for … Continue reading

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Society Is Like A Shark…

By Marc Mitchell There’s an old joke. Two elderly ladies are at a religious service in the Catskills. And one of them says to the other, “You know, the sermon here is so terrible.” And the other says, “I know. … Continue reading

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Debaters Of The Lost Causes

Right wing religious politics have damaged the Christian brand with a new generation. Emphasis mine: 65 percent of 1,200 surveyed rarely or never pray with others, and almost 38 percent never pray by themselves; 65 percent of those surveyed said … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Jesus Burns

By Captain Cool Aid So Touchdown Jesus, also known as Butter Jesus, was struck by lightning and burned to the ground. Any fundies out there want to explain how this isn’t the wrath of God? The bible and the ten … Continue reading

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Morning Notice

Sarkozy’s right-wing government tried immigrant hysteria as a foundation for local elections. It’s not working on the French: Polls showed that a majority of people initially supported having the discussion about national identity. But those numbers quickly reversed themselves as … Continue reading

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