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Looks Like All “Compassionate” Conservatives “Do” God

Tony Blair former Labour Prime Minister of the UK, – he who famously got on with Bill Clinton and even more infamously got on with George Bush – was a Labour Prime Minister. Under the influence of his chief political … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Non-Christians Can Get Out

Via JoeMyGod: on Sunday night, Rick Santorum was introduced at an event in Louisiana by Baptist pastor Dennis Terry, who wants all the non-Christians to “get out” of the United States. Presumably, that would mean putting them all in concentration … Continue reading

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American Republic at the Crossroads

Take your pick: progress or regress. You can only go in one direction. Win the future! By having one, because there is no future in fossil fuel dependence. The president’s eyes are wide open. Which brings us to the Republican … Continue reading

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There’s No Republic in the Republican Party Anymore

Over the years, I have heard or seen countless statements from conservatives, Republicans, etc. about the United States as a “republic, not a democracy.” This theory holds that republics are not supposed to be democratic, which is erroneous, and that … Continue reading

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The Great Regression

Birmingham, Alabama has a $30 million hole in its education budget. The AP quotes system CFO Arthur Watts, who says that means the city will need to close and consolidate more schools, sell surplus property and have mass layoffs. Superintendent … Continue reading

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Sargent Sabotage

Sargent thinks the GOP game plan (sabotage process, blame Obama, ????, POWER!) can still work: Republicans will argue that this shows that the public wants the GOP to stall the Dem agenda. But I think something else is going on: … Continue reading

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Two Swords Are Enough

I was selling flags at a gun show all weekend and had to spend yesterday evening catching up with a news cycle that’s finally catching up with me. Frank Rich recognized the teabag terror and its enablers: Are these politicians … Continue reading

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Morning Notice

Sarkozy’s right-wing government tried immigrant hysteria as a foundation for local elections. It’s not working on the French: Polls showed that a majority of people initially supported having the discussion about national identity. But those numbers quickly reversed themselves as … Continue reading

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The Definition Of Cognitive Dissonance

One in eight Americans is on food stamps. About one in six Americans is underemployed or unemployed, which means a lot of people aren’t even using them who probably could. Progressives see this as an example of why the food … Continue reading

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