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Worst Blogger

Tim Graham of Newsbusters sees liberal stupidity in the Washington Post’s obituary for Patrick Swayze. The WaPo’s crime? Not mentioning Swayze’s role in Red Dawn until the twenty-third paragraph: “Red Dawn” was not a prestigious film, but it was a … Continue reading

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PANIC! at the Movies

Look out! Disaster looms! The end is nigh! For those unfamiliar with the subject, the Mayan calendar supposedly ends on December 21st of 2012, which means the world is going to end in some terrible cosmic disaster just four days … Continue reading

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They’ve Already Lost

I can’t say it any better than Chez Pazienza: “It’s too late for opponents of gay marriage; they’ve already lost. The genie is out of the bottle, he’s fabulously dressed, and there’s no putting him back in.” Here’s Iowa State … Continue reading

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