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CPAC Not Only Racist, But Also Incredibly Stupid

Via New York magazine, we have visual evidence that Donald Trump’s CPAC speech was attended as lightly as Ali Akbar’s Blog Bash. That’s the VIP section, which tells you that very important persons don’t want to sleep through a self-congratulating … Continue reading

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Drone Hysteria And Our Defense Of The Realm

Rand Paul probably thinks every confederate casualty at Gettysburg was the victim of an extrajudicial targeted killing. Filibustering the nomination of John Brennan today, Kentucky’s teapublican senator spoke for the Lost Cause, insisting that a letter from Attorney General Eric Holder … Continue reading

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Rand Paul, Libertarian Opthalmologist

Oh, Rand Paul, you libertarian opthalmologist, you. Taking credit for schools you never graduated, then creating your own medical board instead of becoming board-certified…the grifting comes so easy to you, doesn’t it? You’re like Leonardo DiCaprio playing pilot, you really … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Rand Paul

Rand Paul, libertarian opthalmologist:

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Rand Paul, Utter Hypocrite

The White House sent Bernanke to the Hill to tell Congressional Democrats that stimulus and unemployment benefits are still necessary. Obama floated a $50 billion help package for cash-strapped states and came out with post-bipartisan aggressiveness last weekend. Nancy Pelosi … Continue reading

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Rand Paul Borrows From Nixon

As Ms. Angle proves to be a pinata of goodies, the Kentucky tea party primary victor proves he can keep on gifting…and take a page from Nixon: (T)he news from the Bluegrass State (via “The Rush Limbaugh Show”) is that … Continue reading

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The Morning Awful

Rand Paul, gift that keeps on giving, has something stupid to say about the Fourteenth Amendment:

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The Morning Awful

Rand Paul blames the media. How dare they ask him questions!

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Rand Paul, Gift That Keeps On Giving

The full depth of Rand Paul’s wackaloon belief-system has yet to be exposed in media. Revelations about his views on such milestones of liberty as the Civil Rights Act and Americans with Disabilities Act are only the tip of a … Continue reading

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Rand Paul Hangs Out With Alex Jones

This is not a one-off. Rand Paul is a frequent guest on Alex Jones’s lunatic show: Question: why isn’t the “liberal” media examining the candidate’s belief system more thoroughly?

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Kulturkampf And Rand Paul

Kudos to Rachel Maddow for recognizing that tea party extremism is essentially leftover reaction to the Sixties. The word she’s looking for — the noun that describes this kind of regressive politics in which history is re-fought, from Texas schoolbook … Continue reading

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