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No Excuses For Rahm or Harry

Everyone hates Rahm Emanuel. Even Bob Cesca’s calling for Rahm’s head over supposed “mixed messaging” on health care. Perhaps Emanuel was inartful, but I think he might have been thinking of “the pivot” when he spoke. Which brings me to … Continue reading

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Brown’s Surge…On Wall Street

Interesting item from Reuters via Yahoo! News: NEW YORK (Reuters) – Stocks rose broadly on Tuesday as investors scooped up healthcare shares on bets that a potential Republican victory in Massachusetts’ Senate race could stall U.S. President Barack Obama’s reforms … Continue reading

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Rahm Emmanuel

May 15th, 2007: Rahm Emmanuel stakes out a gun control position on middle ground. It strikes me that Emmanuel understands consensus politics perfectly well.

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Mixed Signals From The White House

At Huffington Post, Mike Lux states the conundrum clearly: A speech at the Capitol to a joint session of Congress is like a general bringing out the trumpeters who will, as the great Civil War battle hymn says, never call … Continue reading

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After a Short Breather, Obama Rolls Up Sleeves

This will be the most important presidential transition in modern history, and Obama seems to be approaching it with his customary planning and judgment. According to MSNBC, Rahm Emanuel has accepted the all-important Chief of Staff position; Obama’s first appointment … Continue reading

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