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John Sununu’s Pot and Kettle Moment

Seems there’s yet another euphemism for the word “black” in American English: unAmerican. Because that’s really what Republicans mean when they say that about our current President. So, here’s what Romney surrogate and attack dog, John Sununu, had to say … Continue reading

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Two Southern White Men Speak Condescendingly of the President

Is anyone surprised? Joe Scarborough needs to learn some manners and get rid of the fratboy demeanor. Jon Meacham just shows again why George Clooney is the pride of Kentucky.

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Elon James White’s Teachable Moment for Rick Santorum

At the 2:50 minute mark, he simplifies why Republican women are drawn to Rick Santorum’s candidacy, even though he espouses (pun intended) some of the most repressively anti-women social ventures imaginable in the 21st Century … Quite simply, Rick Santorum … Continue reading

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Juan Williams Wakes the Hell Up

Commentator Juan Williams was serving two masters: FOX Noise, which has no standards, and NPR, which has high standards. He couldn’t serve both masters to the full satisfaction of either. Now that he no longer appears on the public airwaves, … Continue reading

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Jimmy Carter Educates Piers Morgan on Dog Whistlin’

By Emilia1956 Dog whistlin’, Piers, doesn’t mean a person is really racist. It just means he knows how to use coded words to appeal to the people who are.

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The Pejorative Epistles of St. Paul

By Emilia1956 First, Fox did it. Not just Fox, but Sean Hannity:- Then CNN challenged, and things got shirty:- Hannity mentions the Ron Paul newsletters. He expresses disbelief that Paul says he doesn’t know what’s even in them. Sean Hannity, … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Senselessbrenner

Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) has a misogyny problem. That’s not unusual for a Republican, but denouncing the First Lady’s buttocks at a church auction and then bragging about it in an airport lounge brings politician and party to a new low: … Continue reading

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Bill Maher Addresses Racism…Unfortunately, Not His Own

By Emilia 1956 On Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Bill’s final New Rule dealt with the Niggerhead Incident and the Republican Party’s official stance on racism, which is, basically, to deny it. Here’s Bill’s editorial in full:- He makes a … Continue reading

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Melissa Harris-Perry Pokes A Hornet’s Nest

Tulane professor Melissa Harris-Perry responding to the telling outcry of white liberals for suggesting at The Nation that some of the decline in Obama’s popularity among whites is due to latent racism: In fact, I suspect that those who tell me … Continue reading

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Dr. Laura Breaks Through

You know what? I’m glad she did that. Really. All these wingnuts doing right-wing hate radio have been so very, very careful to NOT say the n-word because their defense against charges of racism boils down to the non-use of … Continue reading

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Kulturkampf And Rand Paul

Kudos to Rachel Maddow for recognizing that tea party extremism is essentially leftover reaction to the Sixties. The word she’s looking for — the noun that describes this kind of regressive politics in which history is re-fought, from Texas schoolbook … Continue reading

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