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Despite Purges, CPAC Still Incredibly Racist

Jeff Dunetz, aka YidWithLid, is one of the most disgusting creatures in the Breitbart Clan. In the video below, shot yesterday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Dunetz can be heard off-camera yelling at Greg Thrasher, an African American … Continue reading

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Old Racists Never Die …

They just want to see the microfilm … unless they can see the afterbirth.

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Radio Rwanda in Houston

Conservative Texas radio host Michael Berry, who bravely took up for Ted Nugent earlier this week, took up for Gary Stein on Wednesday. Stein ignored repeated warnings from his chain of command to turn his Facebook profile into an anti-Obama … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Perkins Goes Full Birther

It’s not just the Southern Poverty Law Center calling the Family Research Council a hate group anymore. FRC President Tony Perkins has gone full birther: No, Mr. Perkins, there are no “legitimate questions” about President Obama’s place of birth. There … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Brian Beckmann

African Americans in the Miami-Dade area should worry about Fire Rescue Captain Brian Beckmann. People who update their Facebook status to “Racist Asshat” aren’t generally the best bet to deal with fire coverage in your neighborhood if it’s too, y’know, “hood:” … Continue reading

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Britain’s False Moral High Ground

In all the years I’ve lived in the UK, the intellectual talking heads who populate the media’s talking points programs have revelled in the fact that, according to them, Britain was a far more tolerant society than wicked, evil, racist … Continue reading

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Trayvon Martin and the Shot Heard ‘Round the Suburbs

Culture war escalated into a shooting war in Sanford. Florida’s NRA-written “stand your ground” law was passed as an expansion of the right of self-defense, but that’s not what it does. This is no accident; it was deliberate business strategy. By … Continue reading

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Another Brits’-Eye View of Racism

When my Facebook friend Imani Gandy, who blogs as Angry Black Lady, announced on her timeline yesterday that she was being interviewed for BBC World Service’s Newshour, I made a point to listen. For those of you in the US, … Continue reading

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Same Sh*t, Different Country

Several people who read my earlier blog about racism in the UK (particularly amongst its police force) took umbrage to the point of various and sundry actually telling me I didn’t know what I was talking about. Look, I don’t … Continue reading

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Shades of Sanford, Florida in London, England (Pun Intended)

The British just love to take the moral high ground. The British just love to broadcast the fact that they’re such a tolerant society where racism is something as alien and foreign as – well, aliens and foreigners. The British … Continue reading

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Weapons of Mass Confection

Skittles are my favorite non-Canadian candy. Actually, they’re my favorite candy, period. Just had to get the dig in, sorry

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