Sad Ending To Wild Baby Bunny Rescue


My home was briefly blessed by the unexpected arrival of baby wild cottontail bunnies recently. We took in three survivors from a rescued litter and enjoyed six wonderful days with them happily munching clover and grass. We were prepared to release them in another week, but tragedy struck. The baby bunnies enjoyed being with Bugatti, […]

A Rabbit Rescue Slideshow (UPDATED)


UPDATE: Bigwig came out of surgery yesterday with two large, open incisions on his cheek. They must remain open for the pus to drain out. He is already more active, and we’re pumping him full of antibiotics and painkillers and keeping our fingers crossed. I had my own appointment with the dentist yesterday, so I […]

Have a Happy Bunny

This great video from the UK shows what happy rabbits look like, and how to keep them that way. Never get a rabbit on impulse, because like any other pet they require lots of attention and care. A bored, caged rabbit is a sad rabbit. They need space to run and binky and they need […]

Bunnies are Bossy

This video from Sweden is actually not all too shocking. A rabbit will boss around anything in its territory that doesn’t kill it — from dogs to cats to other rabbits. “Herding” behavior is not at all unusual for dominant rabbits, either, as novelist Richard Adams explains in his famous Watership Down. Note that the […]

Turtle Beats Hare

An ancient parable gets reenacted with pets. Only this time, the rabbit is undone not by hubris, but by its desire for shade; they don’t like being on open grass in bright sunshine, and will bolt for the nearest cover.