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Lawsuit Reveals Teen Was Groomed As Personal Sex Slave In The Duggar Family’s Movement

Phillips told the girl this was possible because his wife, Beall Phillips, “was going to die soon.” Continue reading

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Duggars Okay, Muslims Not

Florida Family Association, best-known for their campaign against Disney’s “Gay Day,” are so terrified of a new TLC show about Muslims living in America that they’ve engaged in an advertiser pressure campaign. Bank of America and Lowe’s have already removed … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: 20th Duggar Child

The Duggars are culture warriors of the first order. Jim Bob Duggar is a perennial Republican candidate, and their lifestyle is about patriarchal, authoritarian narcissism. Like right-wing settler families in the West Bank boasting prodigious birthrates, they are trying to outnumber … Continue reading

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Hostile Birthing: the Quiverfull Movement

I’ve written before about the largely-Protestant Quiverfull Movement, which has some ideas about family size that would make the Pope happy. NPR’s Morning Edition ran a radio article about them this morning laying out the hostile theology at the heart … Continue reading

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