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William Hoge’s Downfall

William J. J. Hoge has a gigantic ego, so he couldn’t understand why his little Hogewash blog wasn’t getting any traffic. Even though he blogged about Brett Kimberlin, the bugaboo of the right wing Breitbart universe, Hoge just didn’t have … Continue reading

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Does Anyone Still Care About Brett Kimberlin?

SKIP TO UPDATE Last year, a number of conservative blogging idiots from the Breitbart goon squad came into my Twitter timeline trying to discuss a man named Brett Kimberlin. I was not interested in someone I had never heard of, … Continue reading

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The Truth About Neal Rauhauser

They made Neal Rauhauser into a left-wing supervillain because they wanted and needed one so badly. And for a moment, right wing bloggers seemed to finally be picking on someone their own size, because no one could find Rauhauser to … Continue reading

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Jason Taylor is the Butthurt of Breitblogger Brooks Bayne (UPDATE)

Jump to the Update I have tweeted the picture above at least twice before, but today it has special resonance. That’s because Brooks Bayne, pseudonymous right wing blogger, has been trying to “out” a pseudonymous Twitter user with a black … Continue reading

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The Real Queen of Mean

Remember the mock-up of the First Lady as Marie Antoinette, because the Republicans thought she was way above their version of her “station” in planning a holiday abroad (paid for by herself and not by the American people)?

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Honey, I Found the Voter Registration Fraud

There is a dire psychological projection to the fraudulent war on fraudulent voting. Because the actual, real, not-imaginary examples of systematic voter registration fraud always bear a Republican stamp. Brad Friedman has the details: The head of a firm which … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Reductio Ad Cameron

Last seen promoting the Sexy Banana theory of “intelligent design,” Z-list actor Kirk Cameron and evangelist Ray Comfort are two of those “noncognitive elites” that fanatical right wingers love so much. Here, they posit that America is on the verge … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Idiocracy

Stacy Hintz has my sympathy. If you haven’t heard, the 28-year old mother was fired from her volunteer job leading a Girl Scout troop in Wisconsin because she included a link to her husband’s website, Wisconsin Sickness, in an email … Continue reading

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Duggars Okay, Muslims Not

Florida Family Association, best-known for their campaign against Disney’s “Gay Day,” are so terrified of a new TLC show about Muslims living in America that they’ve engaged in an advertiser pressure campaign. Bank of America and Lowe’s have already removed … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Scumbag Hates the Troops

Via ThinkProgress, a study of psychological projection: deadbeat dad and representative Joe Walsh (R-IL) is spoiled, pampered, unfocused, and clueless. He doesn’t understand America and advocates anti-American solutions to problems. So when he calls veterans in the Occupy movement “socialists” … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: FOX Projection

Angelo Carusone, better known as @StopBeck, tweeted this the other day. It’s a sign that Murdoch’s empire is desperate to change the subject from their hacking scandal in the UK. It’s also a massive exercise in psychological projection, as every … Continue reading

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