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Morning Awful: Ted and Dana

There is something not normal about a person who can hobnob with Secret Service agents and then speak of the man they guard with their lives as a coyote that should be shot. Ted Nugent will be treated like any … Continue reading

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Now Fear This

Who says only the right wing can win by scaring the shit out of people? Continue reading

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Oil Propaganda Remix

I actually collect propaganda. There; I said it. As a kid I had comic books extolling the virtues of nuclear power and the invasion of Grenada. But see, it’s the liberals who pay artists for propaganda art. Right?

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This Is Not Good

Over at DKos, a discussion of differences between the GOTV for Obama in 2008 and the GOTV for Democrats nationally in 2010: What has changed is organization. In the 2008 campaign, there was tight control over the campaign war chest … Continue reading

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School Kids Sing For The President

When nontroversy raises its ugly head, it’s important to flash back in time. From the April 17th, 2006 Wall Street Journal: At the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, children from the stricken Gulf Coast region serenaded First Lady Laura … Continue reading

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Behold These Devils

Joe the Plumber called for the lynching of Senator Chris Dodd the other day — and he was the moderate in the room. Christopher Magiera of Wausau, a board member of Americans for Prosperity and a local political activist, said … Continue reading

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