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Not Your Personal Army: How Unite Blue Ignited A War With Anonymous And Then Tried To Blame Their Critics

The Anonymous hacktivist collective likes to say they are Not Your Personal Army (NYPA), meaning they do not care about your petty dramas and issues and will not respond to attempted incitement. Politically, Anons tend to fall into the libertarian-progressive … Continue reading

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The Future of Progressive Security Policy

I wasn’t at Netroots Nation this year, so I had to attend this panel by internet. As I keep saying, the noninterventionist argument is self-limited, and dissonant with the empirical evidence of the post-Cold War period; I think this panel … Continue reading

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Why Progressives Don’t Get All Their Cookies

While disappointed, marijuana activists have no one but themselves to blame if they invested too much in a president. For as I keep saying, presidents don’t make the laws — especially presidents who understand constitutional law. Obama¬†clarified his administration’s medical … Continue reading

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When NO Means NO, Dennis Kucinich

Not content with the fact that the newly redistricted Congressional district in Ohio chose Democratic Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur as their candidate to run against Joe the Plumber, Dennis Kucinich has traipsed cross-country back to what he perceives to be the … Continue reading

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Progressives Have One Million Plans

One of the more hilarious right wing memes out there is the idea that every progressive is a Saul Alinsky acolyte. Alinsky titled his book Rules For Radicals because all too often, radical action stirs no real change. Today’s example … Continue reading

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The Bigger Bigot

We’re only one day away from March, and after that we’re in April. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun, especially watching the Republican Klown Kar parade through primary after primary. Hard to believe that it was only one year … Continue reading

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My Valentine From Joan Walsh

The Salon editor doesn’t like one of my co-bloggers, and felt it necessary to say so Sunday night in a direct message on Twitter. I’m not sure she ever actually followed me, or saved herself the trouble of un-following me … Continue reading

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Not Quite Getting There about Ron Paul

Well, Romney’s taken Nevada, and Ron Paul’s still standing. The reason he’s still standing, largely, is due to the short-term memory on the part of the media. Most recently, Ron Paul played the part of the smiling, shucksy, old-fashioned country … Continue reading

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Football is Progressive

I have to hand it to Bill Maher on this one: football is the most progressive sport ever, and the perfect rejoinder to anyone who tells you that socialism is un-American, or that it doesn’t work. It also proves that … Continue reading

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Think The Republicans Are Splintering? Think Again

By Emilia1956 Our biggest problem – the Left’s – is that we’re stupid. Or rather, we’re naive. So naive, we never learn from our mistakes. And we listen too much to the Professional Left. No sooner had Barack Obama won … Continue reading

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When President Obama was elected, he used the words “Armenia” and “genocide” in the same sentence because words are important. He was right to do so. He is wrong now for not using them in the same sentence. While I … Continue reading

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