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My Valentine From Joan Walsh

The Salon editor doesn’t like one of my co-bloggers, and felt it necessary to say so Sunday night in a direct message on Twitter. I’m not sure she ever actually followed me, or saved herself the trouble of un-following me … Continue reading

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Joan Walsh Re-defines the President’s Base … Again

This time his base is secular. OK, I’m not a believer at all, but in no way do I buy her assertion that the base is secular. I guess as well as African Americans, she resents people who practice a … Continue reading

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Think The Republicans Are Splintering? Think Again

By Emilia1956 Our biggest problem – the Left’s – is that we’re stupid. Or rather, we’re naive. So naive, we never learn from our mistakes. And we listen too much to the Professional Left. No sooner had Barack Obama won … Continue reading

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Professional Left, Please Stop Pushing Ron Paul!

By Emilia1956 The Guardian has taken some seriously stupid pills. I love it when Brits try to opine about US politics, none moreso than the insipid Matt Seaton, who’s the US Comment Is Free editor for that paper. (Remember, he’s … Continue reading

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Two Songs and a Few Home Truths for the Professional Left and Their Followers

By Emilia1956 This is for the Progressive Left. Sit back, pour yourself some Chardonnay and listen, listen to the words of the divine George Benson:- Now, think about those words and what the singer is singing about. While you’re thinking … Continue reading

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The Year of the Cockroach

By Emilia1956 If nothing else, let it be said that the Presidency of Barack Obama proved one precise thing: That the United States is not a post-racial country. More importantly – as 2011 revealed – racism is as rampant on … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, While the Left Was Looking for Reasons to Criticize the President

By Emilia1956 Three years have passed. That’s three years when Democratic voters of all stripes could have built a viable coalition behind the President’s leadership. (Yes, Professional Left, he does lead. He leads; you stir shit). And whilst the Professional … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Rationalizing Ron Paul

Flirtation with Ron Paul blew up in the Professional Left’s face like a homemade bomb late last week, and the smoke still hasn’t cleared. Poor Zaid Jilani, fire-breathing ThinkProgress writer,┬ájust can’t seem to cope yet: There is nothing in Paul’s … Continue reading

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A Christmas Gift to Bill Maher and the Professional Left

By Emilia1956:Happy Festivus, Bill … I know you’re back in a few weeks and you’ll be in Hawaii soon. Stalking the President, are you? Well, here’s something of which those of us pragmatics would like to remind you … it’s … Continue reading

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The Courage of Herman Cain and the Cowardice of Chris Hayes

By Emilia1956 Look, I’m trying to like Chris Hayes. Really, really trying. I mean, I can’t be totally turned off and cynical regarding every member of the so-called Professional Left, or even every political pundit, can I? Maybe it’s me. … Continue reading

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