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Mitt Romney Knows Nothing About the World Except That He’s Afraid of it

Tonight, Mitt Romney proved why he should not be allowed anywhere near the levers of state power. President Obama accurately said his opponent’s shifting positions on global security issues are “all over the map,” but he might have added that … Continue reading

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Obama Nails Marriage Equality

I love having an articulate president.

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Morning Awful: Kochs Back Romney

President Obama has been consistently progressive on transportation and transit issues. He has also championed renewable energy, not just oil and gas drilling. At Mitt Romney’s website, however, the “issues” page says almost nothing about efficiency or renewable energy — … Continue reading

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Romney Needs Your Clothes, Your Boots, And Your Motorcycle

Yes, he said that. First Nerd President.

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Don’t Stop Believing

This will probably never happen. But no one say anything bad, just to make sure.

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American Republic at the Crossroads

Take your pick: progress or regress. You can only go in one direction. Win the future! By having one, because there is no future in fossil fuel dependence. The president’s eyes are wide open. Which brings us to the Republican … Continue reading

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Mass Effect: Codename Renegade

Breitbart’s recent unveiling of footage showing Obama hugging a man who was a black was only the tip of the iceberg. We here at Political Gunpowder are proud to bring you the exclusive image of Barack Obama’s time commanding the element-zero … Continue reading

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“I’m President Now. Presidents Are Cool.”

Wibbley-wobbley timey-wimey. Mucho thanks to Steve M. for giving me the idea.

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Obama Drops the Mic

“No one man should have all that power.”

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Warmongers of Capitol Hill

Last week, President Obama issued a veto threat against Congressional override of Defense cuts “triggered” by the failure of the so-called “supercommittee.” This week, defense contractors are preparing their investors for lean times ahead: (T)he industry is facing pressure on … Continue reading

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Let’s Have This Debate Another 50,000 Goddamn Times

If a bill or a law is worth defending even without a provision you wanted, it’s worth defending regardless of why that provision isn’t there. By Magic Love Hose. Talk to him here!

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