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So You Want To Occupy Wall Street

My dismay at the continued incoherence of the crowd on Wall Street has some folks saying my ‘negativity’ hurts the movement, that I should recognize democracy is messy, etc. They are wrong — not that negativity hurts, but that I … Continue reading

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Maddow Journalism

Rachel Maddow is exactly right to focus on the propaganda. Note the appropriation of communist and Maoist iconography (and outright theft of the Obama logo!) on Sarah Palin’s book tour: And at her Tea party Convention: Good work by Rachel. … Continue reading

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Stupid Billboards

Note to wingnuts: just because you believe the president is illegitimate doesn’t mean you get to stop paying your taxes. This comes from Oliver Willis: “Vote out incumbents” is a not new meme, and it’s a rather Orwellian one. As … Continue reading

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Political Signage

Whaddaya know? A coworker brought me the front page of the local paper today and asked, “Is this you they’re quoting?” Well, my quotes are after the jump, but yes. Reporter Trevor Stokes called me last week about a series … Continue reading

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