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A Song to Woo Independents

My humble suggestion to the President for his campaign: Use this as one of your campaign songs, targeting independent voters. It simply fits.

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The One-Two Punch

There are two types of people in the progressive blogosphere, and each side could do with being a bit more understanding of the other. Continue reading

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Now Fear This

Who says only the right wing can win by scaring the shit out of people? Continue reading

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Alabama Advertiser

Alabama is garnering the wrong kind of attention this spring with political ads that just beg for parody. Here’s the latest:

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Maddow Journalism

Rachel Maddow is exactly right to focus on the propaganda. Note the appropriation of communist and Maoist iconography (and outright theft of the Obama logo!) on Sarah Palin’s book tour: And at her Tea party Convention: Good work by Rachel. … Continue reading

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Hurricane Obama

Faith holds. This storm brings more than destruction. Water and wind bring renewal, baptism, and change. No levee can withstand the flood of time. Entropy is a universal constant and history is an irresistible force. Barack Obama is beneficiary of … Continue reading

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Wingnut Robot Pwned!

I’m glad this interview happened. Not only did Joe Biden have an opportunity to demolish the ‘Socialist’ theme, he demonstrated the proper reaction to an ambush: fight your way through. He completely turned the tables on this talking-point dispensing robot.

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Political Signage

Whaddaya know? A coworker brought me the front page of the local paper today and asked, “Is this you they’re quoting?” Well, my quotes are after the jump, but yes. Reporter Trevor Stokes called me last week about a series … Continue reading

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The October Surprise is a Plumber

We have met the October Surprise, and his name is Joe. Or maybe Samuel. Details are still being sketched out. If you missed the debate last night, John McCain replaced ‘Joe Six-Pack’ with Joe the Plumber, referring to this Joe … Continue reading

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Telegraphing Punches

Both candidates are telegraphing their punches before the third and final debate. For those without a background in martial arts, “telegraphing” means preparatory motions, expressions, and sounds a fighter gives before an attack. Telegraphing can ‘give away’ a fighter’s intentions, … Continue reading

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Optimism and the Killer Instinct

I am not about to pull a Chicken Little over the Bill Ayers ‘controversy.’ Even Faux Noise’s own polling says it won’t change the race. That kitchen sink didn’t work the first time for Hllary; it won’t work this time … Continue reading

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