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Morning Awful: Southern Death Penalty

Regular readers will know that I have mixed feelings on the death penalty, yet there is no denying that execution has been applied unequally. In fact, looking at this map from The Economist, there is a clear regional bias. States … Continue reading

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When NO Means NO, Dennis Kucinich

Not content with the fact that the newly redistricted Congressional district in Ohio chose Democratic Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur as their candidate to run against Joe the Plumber, Dennis Kucinich has traipsed cross-country back to what he perceives to be the … Continue reading

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The Redistricting Song

ProPublica has made an animated musical introduction to the various ways in which politicians attempt to game redistricting issues to the benefit of their own party or side.

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The Free State of Osborne

For those who missed it, Huffington Post offers a nifty look at “micronations” — places where someone has declared the existence of an independent state without gaining international recognition. Having read about Sealand and Kugelmugel, I’ve been inspired to declare … Continue reading

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Afghanistan and the Obama Military (UPDATE)

Operation Mushtarak began this weekend. The Obama military is going to war under the banner of a non-English noun. Mushtarak is defined as “common,” “joint,” “combined,” “concurrent,” or “collective;” in the Arabic of international relations this word is used to … Continue reading

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The Emperor’s New Map

The AP has stirred my inner map geek at exactly the right time. A million-dollar map is on rare public display: The map created by Matteo Ricci was the first in Chinese to show the Americas. Ricci, a Jesuit missionary … Continue reading

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A Map For Redmond

Voila. The emphasis is on cognitive details rather than accurate cartography. Objectives and the physical and human terrain are emphasized. The northern areas are where the “Northern Alliance” chiefs and tribal allies live. Up til now, most of the fighting … Continue reading

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Mapping the GOP

The map above comes from a new Gallup poll. Bottom line: Since Obama was inaugurated, not much has changed in the political party landscape at the state level — the Democratic Party continues to hold a solid advantage in party … Continue reading

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Global Disasters Map

This nifty map comes via my new favorite blog, The Map Scroll. Original is here.

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Mapping the GOP

From the true story files: I’m a political geography nut because of Dr. Green. He was a ‘blue dog’ Democrat with great, big paintings of donkeys in his office. One day he held up a map of Alabama that showed … Continue reading

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