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A Casus Belli For The Southern Liberation Movement

I have enjoyed reading Michael Lind’s series of essays on the white, Southern conservative identity at the heart of the modern Republican Party — what he calls the “Southern Autonomy Project.” On Sunday, he published what would amount to a … Continue reading

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Wingnut Wind Power Wankery is Not About Free Markets

Last week at the Guardian, Suzanne Goldenberg reported on an emerging right wing effort to attack the wind energy sector. ALEC, Americans For Prosperity, and a newer outfit called the American Tradition Institute (really!) have been propagandizing against wind power … Continue reading

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Ratf**kers, Republicans, and Bin Laden

Question: Does anybody see anything wrong with this political advert? Because I don’t. First, it’s politics and it’s an election year. Of course, a President trying for re-election is going to harp for all it’s worth on his major achievements; … Continue reading

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We the People

If you’re seriously thinking about voting for Romney, or voting Third Party or not even voting (both of which are tantamount to voting for Romney), you seriously need to listen to The Boss. Emphasis on the “we.” We the people. … Continue reading

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Time to Put the Right Kind of Blue into Blue Collar

Yes, I’m a Baby Boomer. Yes, I was part of that post-War generation who was, I suppose, brought up in what some now call the Age of Prosperity. I can just about remember Kennedy’s Inaugural speech, the one where he … Continue reading

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When NO Means NO, Dennis Kucinich

Not content with the fact that the newly redistricted Congressional district in Ohio chose Democratic Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur as their candidate to run against Joe the Plumber, Dennis Kucinich has traipsed cross-country back to what he perceives to be the … Continue reading

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Best Political Ad

This recall ad from Wisconsin can stand in for austerity economics everywhere. This is what Republicans mean to enact on a national scale. Unless they are stopped, we will all live in Wisconsin.

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Reuben Lack’s Lawsuit is Not About Gay Rights at the Alpharetta Prom

When I first heard of Reuben Lack and his lawsuit against Alpharetta High School, I accepted the story as received: teenager versus fuddy-duddy adults is the oldest plot in the world, after all. Press coverage picked up that narrative framework … Continue reading

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Republicans Hand Democrats a Wedge Issue to Counter Abortion

Republicans are doing a great job marginalizing themselves by sticking up for employers’ “rights” to deny their employees birth control. More importantly, a stand against birth control access nullifies their advantage on one of America’s most divisive issues: abortion. Ezra … Continue reading

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Square Deal

The term “fair deal” has been bandied about of late, but I like “square deal” because it resonates with all the issues wrapped up in the fight over the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Both a movement and a president have … Continue reading

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Failure Is An Option

Anticipating a probable supercommittee fail, I checked teh googles today and found an eerily appropriate video offering a scientific look at failure. For “hypothesis,” substitute “legislation;” for “data,” substitute “votes in Congress;” for an emerging innovation, substitute political movement.

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