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NV Gov. Sandoval Defends Extremists Interfering With Federal Government Activity

Cliven Bundy has been using federal lands to raise his cattle. Now that the BLM is putting a stop to it, Bundy is enlisting everyone from the Oathkeepers to Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval in his cause. Continue reading

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Robert Stacy McCain Versus Rock And Roll

Robert Stacy McCain (pictured) began blogging about Brett Kimberlin in 2012 at the instigation of Ali Akbar of National Bloggers Club “fame.” At Akbar’s ViralRead website, McCain uses a 1996 quote of Brett Kimberlin in the Washington City Paper to accuse him … Continue reading

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Brett Kimberlin Is Not The Watchful Avenger

Prompted by some tweets, last night I did something that I have avoided doing for over a year now. By reaching out to a few contacts, I obtained Brett Kimberlin’s phone number and called him. We spoke for a few … Continue reading

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The Brett Kimberlin Free Association Game

As I keep saying, last June a gang of Breitbart goons came into my Twitter timeline trying to push an absurd story about Brett Kimberlin into a story I was telling about Jason Wade Taylor, a con artist who had … Continue reading

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How Lee Stranahan Beat Brett Kimberlin At His Own Game

Bill Schmalfeldt aka @LiberalGrouch was served with legal documents last Saturday morning. His wife was at the store, so Bill was alone with his Parkinsons disease when the officers knocked on his door. He had to answer in his pajamas and explain to … Continue reading

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New Rule: No More Scalps for O’Keefe

So let’s say I’m wearing a hidden camera and ask you about murder. You think I’m joking, so you humor me with hypothetical murder scenarios. Then let’s say I edit the video creatively, announce that I have proof you are … Continue reading

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Why Would Anyone Blog About Lee Stranahan?

Ever since I began pushing for today to become Everybody Blog About Lee Stranahan Day, the response from liberal and progressive bloggers has been characterized by amazement that anyone, anywhere would want to write anything about him. “He’s nobody,” they … Continue reading

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Jason Taylor is the Butthurt of Breitblogger Brooks Bayne (UPDATE)

Jump to the Update I have tweeted the picture above at least twice before, but today it has special resonance. That’s because Brooks Bayne, pseudonymous right wing blogger, has been trying to “out” a pseudonymous Twitter user with a black … Continue reading

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Everyone Must Cancel Brandon Darby’s Credibility Card

One of my best friends in the world, a very conservative law student, tells me that “(FBI informant) either translates into ‘liar’ or ‘former low level scumbag trying to avoid jail time.’” I have seen friends arrested due to terrible … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Breitblogger Breakup

When I posted The Randy Taylor-Hahn Burn Notice three weeks ago, Andrew Breitbart’s former hacks and sycophants tried to finesse the story into a reverse-scandal. The result was their own exposure as Nixonian ratfuckers in league with “Randy,” the hoax … Continue reading

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We Now Resume Our Regular Programming

This post wraps up the great Randy caper. In case you hadn’t heard, Brandon Darby punked out on his chance to compare credibility Sunday evening (see below). The Breitbloggers cannot keep talking about material that comes from Jason Wade Taylor, … Continue reading

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