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Narcissus Pronoun Nontroversy

In the continuing quest to promote their “narcissist” meme, Faux Noise has been counting the number of times the president uses the first-person singular pronoun in his speeches. Of course, they do this without context or comparison. Mark Lieberman makes … Continue reading

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Bob Cesca’s Sense Of Deja Vu

Comrade Cesca has a bad feeling: my on-going “this healthcare fight is almost more stressful than the campaign” sense of deja vu Bob is exactly right; in some ways, August has been more stressful than the 2008 presidential race. But … Continue reading

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Joe Wilson And The Permanent Campaign

Joe Wilson has become the story in Washington. He’s such a big story that coverage threatens to distract from health care reform. Nancy Pelosi has wisely decided to forgo censure for now. But what’s most revealing is how intricately linked … Continue reading

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The Permanent Campaign

Mark Bowden, author of Blackhawk Down, investigated the strange coincidence of all the TV networks having Sonya Sotomayor’s “wise Latina” speech cued up the instant her nomination was announced, finding that: The reporting we saw on TV and on the … Continue reading

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