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Michelle Duggar in Denial

I keep saying that peak oil denial is the new climate change denial, but climate change denial was really just the new overpopulation denial. Authoritarian patriarchy refuses to accept physical limitations of Earth and its resources, which is why its … Continue reading

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Wherein the British Conservative Party, Like the Republicans, Spreads Irrational Fear and Creates a Crisis from Nothing

Britain has an employment problem. Yes, there’s high unemployment, and it’s getting higher. And they certainly have an immigration problem – both illegal and legal. Their employment problem’s been poodling along for about eight years now, and it concerns the … Continue reading

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Peak Oil Denial is the New Climate Change Denial: Gingrich Edition

I keep saying that peak oil denial is the new climate change denial. If you disbelieve in fossils, then you don’t have to believe that fuels are fossils, or that fossil fuels are limited. If God makes oil bubble up … Continue reading

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Saudi Oil Minister Still Denying Peak Oil

The Saudi Arabian Minister of Oil and Natural Resources, Ali al-Naimi, gave a speech Tuesday (.PDF) that apparently turned decades of climate denial on their head: Greenhouse gas emissions and global warming are among humanity‚Äôs most¬†pressing concerns. Societal expectations on … Continue reading

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