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The Incredible Narcissism Of Don Blankenship

Don Blankenship would be an over-the-top comic book villain. Continue reading

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Jeff Biggers on the H.O.R.N.

My new video of author Jeff Biggers on the H.O.R.N. last night talking about his new book, Reckoning at Eagle Creek: The Secret Legacy of Coal in the Heartland.

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West Virginia: an Argument for Cap-and-Trade

If you followed my Netroots Nation liveblogging, you may remember when I described this panel on the coal industry practice of mountaintop removal. Here’s Bob Kincaid: During the panel, I learned the astroturf agencies behind “health care reform will eat … Continue reading

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Ending Mountaintop Removal

I have to admit that I didn’t know much about this subject. But my hosts here in Pittsburgh are passionately devoted to ending the practice of coal mining through mountaintop removal, so I’ve had quite an education this week. Being … Continue reading

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Peak Coal?

You know all those coal commercials that tell us we have a 250-year supply of coal? According to Grist magazine editor David Roberts, the industry made that number up: (R)ates of fossil-fuel production are not, indeed cannot physically be, static. … Continue reading

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