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Already Nuts, Congressional Republicans Go Nuclear

President Obama, who endures relentless calls of “warmonger!” from the peace party, has been steadfast on nuclear disarmament issues. Now, House Republicans are calling his planned cuts to the strategic nuclear force “reckless lunacy” — a phrase best used on … Continue reading

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Ron Paul is Not a Progressive

I was Tweeted this yesterday: “5 Reasons Why Progressives Should Join the Ron Paul Revolution“ There aren’t many people still calling Ron Paul’s ideas radical.  In fact, his credibility in the eyes of many has only been fortified since his … Continue reading

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That War Supplemental: There’s No Plan B

Members of Congress with any inclination to balk at President Obama’s massive emergency war-funding request have found their case strengthened by two recent reports that question many of the administration’s key premises and assumptions. So begins the Huffington Post in … Continue reading

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No Money For Peace

Suburban guerrilla and C & L goddess Susie Madrak brought my attention to this sorry situation: Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) is single-handedly blocking a bill that could bring an end to the longest-running war in Africa. Coburn, who never once … Continue reading

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Afghanistan and the Obama Military (UPDATE)

Operation Mushtarak began this weekend. The Obama military is going to war under the banner of a non-English noun. Mushtarak is defined as “common,” “joint,” “combined,” “concurrent,” or “collective;” in the Arabic of international relations this word is used to … Continue reading

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Ending the War on Terror

The Washington Independent ran a piece on John Brennan yesterday. Brennan was a key figure in the August 6, 2001 CIA memo that said Osama bin Laden was “determined to attack inside the United States.” You remember: the one that … Continue reading

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Obama’s Cairo Speech

The president’s trip abroad may have been the most carefully-crafted work of public diplomacy in history. The White House released the text in thirteen languages and across the entire spectrum of new media. After touring the pyramids with Zahi Hawass, … Continue reading

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Weekly World News: Obama in Europe

“None of these challenges can be solved quickly or easily. But all of them demand that we listen to one another and work together; that we focus on our common interests, not on occasional differences; and that we reaffirm our … Continue reading

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Khamenei Responds

Remember I said that Iran’s diplomatic approach would be multi-layered? This is what the top layer looks like: TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s supreme leader rebuffed President Barack Obama’s overtures Saturday, saying Tehran was still waiting to see concrete changes in … Continue reading

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