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Fast & Furious Drone Hysteria

Don’t you love it when the fringe comes at the middle from both sides and calls it “bipartisanship”? Yes, Republicans have finally picked up on the potential political power of drone hysteria — so they’re questioning presidential authority in a … Continue reading

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NDAA: Chris Hedges Barks Up the Wrong Tree

Chris Hedges is not suing the president for personal publicity; I’m afraid it’s much worse than that. He’s a committed pacifist with a very respectable record of leadership in the movement, putting his body where his words are. But the … Continue reading

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The NDAA Challenge

This is me every time I see another link or #NDAA hashtag: The National Defense Authorization Act is the Department of Defense budget. It has been passed forty eight times, and does not include war spending. The sections of NDAA … Continue reading

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Winter Soldiers

Fourth in a series of half-hour documentaries about progressive organizing, “Winter Soldiers” is an inside look at a frozen Thermopylae for the peace movement. In front of the White House on December 16, 2010, Veterans For Peace led the way … Continue reading

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In the Free Speech Zone at the School of the Americas Watch

This is what democracy looks like: so endangered we need free speech zones to protect it. Inside you will find veterans and faith-based organizations alongside idealistic young and old of every stripe. Once you cross the line back into the … Continue reading

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