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There’s a Place for Women in Pat BuchananLand

Poor Pat. Stuck in the South of the 1850s, where black people were slaves and women were meant to keep their mouths shut and stay in the background. There’s a place for black people and women in Pat’s neat, orderly, … Continue reading

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Pat Buchanan Should Be Next

Now that fifty-seven sponsors have quit Glenn Beck, will progressives do the same for Pat Buchanan? In case you haven’t heard, yesterday Pat Buchanan suggested that Hitler didn’t want war. If you’ve got plenty of stomach for Teh Stupid™, I’ve … Continue reading

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Maddow Corrects Buchanan

Rachel Maddow demolished the last legs of Pat Buchanan’s credibility last night by way of correcting his errors: Maddow apologizing for him is an especially nice touch; it’s like a daughter-in-law asking guests to forgive the family patriarch’s dementia. MSNBC … Continue reading

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Zero-Sum Republicans

A zero-sum game is one in which any player’s win is another player’s loss. If two people each have fifty marbles, the total number of marbles in the game can never exceed 100. If one player wins a marble, the … Continue reading

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Culture Wars Can Never be Won

Can someone write a peace treaty for the Culture Wars already? It’s a metaphor gone bad. We have declared war on too many things: terror, drugs, crime, you name it. The word “war” has lost all meaning. Pat Buchanan declared … Continue reading

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