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Passing Oceanea In Egypt

To understand why Al Jazeera is important, you must first have watched countless hours of Arab state media prior to the satellite channel’s existence. I was subjected to those countless hours of state-sanctioned news and entertainment as I learned Arabic … Continue reading

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Passing Oceania Again

WikiLeaks cables draw the standard picture of oligarchy in decline: The country’s ruling family is described as “The Family” — a mafia-esque elite who have their hands in every cookie jar in the entire economy. “President Ben Ali is aging, … Continue reading

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Virtual Reality Living

It’s time for a bloody magazine; my bookmarks folder with the above title is bulging onscreen and begging for subcategorization. In case you have not heard, virtual reality can kill. From Australia, we learn that a middle-aged man with high … Continue reading

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Google Earth Helps End Mountaintop Removal

This is a great video about the power of open technology platforms to empower citizens. Plus I have met Lorelei Scarbro, and she is teh awesome. What’s happening in Appalachia is a crime. There is no other word for the … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck Passes Oceania

Shamelessly stolen from Bob Cesca, this pair of videos perfectly encapsulates the reason I reject Glenn Beck’s doom-bunker tinfoil-hattery: “Day by day and almost minute by minute the past was brought up to date. In this way every prediction made … Continue reading

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Judd Gregg Meets Gibson’s Law

Senator Judd Gregg, R-NH, says he will use hundreds of procedural objections to block health care reform if Democrats use the budget reconciliation rule. He told The Hill that he’ll fight against a simple majority-vote in the Senate: “We are … Continue reading

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Dear Lynn Jenkins

Dear Lynn Jenkins, R-Whitehope: I was ready to give you the benefit of the doubt. When you apologized for saying the GOP needs to find a “great white hope” to take on the Democrats, I was ready to believe it … Continue reading

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Teabag Terror Becomes a Liability

This is how the Democrats will turn the Teabag Terror into a Republican liability: As I said in June: Faux Noise has created a monster. I call it “The Teabag Terror.” Shepard Smith is just the first of their televisual … Continue reading

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Passing Oceania

I am writing this blog into a Firefox extension. For those of you unfamiliar with Firefox, it’s an open-source web browser that lets me add functionalities at will through extensions and add-ons — little bits of software I download from … Continue reading

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