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Iraq Lobster

Peter Griffin sends up New Wave music and foreign entanglements.

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This Does Not Make Me Want to Join the Marines

Supposedly, this video was supposed to attract modern youth like an R-rated, “red band” movie trailer, but got rejected by the USMC for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, that story is very likely untrue and this video, like the Harding Institute that … Continue reading

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Another Chapter from Going Rouge

Guest blogger Marc Mitchell continues: Chapters two and three of Palin’s new book are rather dull, unless you like field guides for dressing a moose. I’m assuming she’s drawing on some sort of weird Melville inspiration here, because she goes … Continue reading

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Going Rouge: An American Life

Posted by guest blogger Marc Mitchell. Got an advance copy of Sarah Palin’s stunningly coherent autobio yesterday. Here’s the first chapter. The press has reported falsely, by the way, that the title is Going Rogue. Shouldn’t surprise you that the … Continue reading

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Parody Power

One of my favorite bloggers, Bob Cesca, has done me the tremendous honor of posting my song parody on his front page. For me, this is a bit like a nod from the Pulitzer committee. It’s not a prize, exactly, … Continue reading

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Prince George’s Legacy

Apologies to A. A. Milne Prince George was not a good man —And in his latter days,World leaders did not shake his hand,Much to his amaze.At G-20 meetings,When lining up on stage,They whispered of his ruined brand,And did not offer … Continue reading

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Rudy Repetitions

Could it be that slowly, surely, the “Post-9/11 World” meme is passing?

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Neverending Worry (a Parody)

To the tune of “Neverending Story” Zero groundLook at your TVIn his faceThe nightmare we have seenThe terrorists are everywhereThey’re hidden in your mindThey’re calling you long distanceIt’s the reason for our neverending worry OccupyA random countryBomb them allFor your … Continue reading

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