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Robert Stacy McCain Says That Liberals Are Terrible People

Karoli is away from her blogging for jury duty at the moment, but her name has seen quite a bit of exposure at the blog of one Robert Stacy McCain in the last few days. I called her over the … Continue reading

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Drone Fever Peaks As Brennan Speaks

A recent Huffington Post headline: President Obama decided not to leave the White House without formalizing the drone warfare rule book and reducing attendant secrecy. That process revealed a robust conversation within the administration about the limits of drone warfare. Long … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Bane Damage

Image by @MagicLoveHose. Rush Limbaugh has a long history of saying patently stupid and ridiculous things — see, for example, his infamous endorsement of the murderous “Lord’s Resistance Army” — but this is a new low even for the astroturfing … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Asymmetrical Polarization

David Roberts is one of the few bloggers who understands the American kulturkampf well enough to write about it. This post from last Wednesday is required reading to understand how right wing culture warriors are leading conservative politics over the cliff … Continue reading

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Oh, and George Bush Is a Secret Progressive Too

No, I haven’t gone mad. This is the latest Gospel according to Glenn Beck, who was in full rant mood after the SCOTUS verdict. Since he gave Willard a stark warning also, one wonders exactly whom he would like to … Continue reading

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Why America Lacks a Scientific Conversation

The science is in, and Chris Mooney’s politicization hypothesis is real. Conservatives, especially evangelicals, are less apt to accept scientific evidence than they were 40 years ago. This trend has been driven by ideology, think-tanks, and a media echo chamber where … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Paul Ryan Priorities

Paul Ryan’s Path to Prosperity Poverty will cut spending on every function of the federal government except one: defense. Of course! Because America was only spending as much money on national defense as the rest of the world combined, and … Continue reading

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The Psychology of Conservatism in Decline

In its quantitative form, politics is about vote counts and polling data. In its qualitiative form, politics is about the state and the relative power of the many kinds of people in it. Today’s conservative problem is the diminishing power … Continue reading

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Cults, Consciousness, and Culture War Conservatism

Paul Krugman describes the basic problem of modern conservatism, which cannot answer any challenge of the 21st Century because it is living in an imaginary previous one: (T)he long-running con game of economic conservatives and the wealthy supporters they serve … Continue reading

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On Fog of War and False Flags

I’m not surprised by how much paranoid conspiracy claptrap exists around the Osama bin Laden mission. It has become all too routine for “false flag” allegations to wave madly after such events, and that is in great part due to … Continue reading

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Bradlee Dean Makes Jeremiah Wright Look Sane

I noted Michele Bachmann’s membership at an anti-papist Lutheran church the other day. She has now reportedly left that church and distanced herself, but maintains her open adoration for punk-rock evangelist, homophobe, pope-baiter, and Obama conspiracy-nut Bradlee Dean. A few … Continue reading

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