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A Thousand Words

This comes from Orly’s campaign website and should be official proof that Michelle Bachmann is a fringe lunatic who must be run out of Congress before she hurts someone. Speaking of which, you can contribute to her Democratic opponent here.

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Dreaming of Magnum’s Ferrari

Sarah Palin famously went through five universities before getting her degree. The diva was on the MRS program, but her sojourn in Hawaii was brief because, her father says, the presence of so many Asians and Pacific Islanders made her…uncomfortable: … Continue reading

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WTF Happened to Cokie Roberts?

She used to be a reporter. I remember listening to her story from Tienanmen Square just a couple of days after the crackdown; she’d hidden her tape-recorder in the folds of her maternity dress and spoken into the microphone while … Continue reading

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Morning Video

Egad. Even with Andrew Halcro reading Palin’s ghostwriter out loud, it’s still word-salad. Sarah has to explain all the complex relationships in her life before getting to the point. This kind of dissociative narration is indicative of Palin-Bachmann Syndrome™.

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NOM Prejean Fiasco Fixup

Carrie Prejean has been pulled from the frontpage of National Organization for Marriage (NOM). Surely you remember NOM’s greatest hits? NOM derided her firing from the “office” of Miss California as “character assassination.” Their July press release made sure to … Continue reading

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Histrionic Personality Disorder

After checking comments on my latest HuffPo article, Palin-Bachmann Syndrome™, I spotted a news item about Sarah Palin. It seems she was under a misapprehension that the McCain campaign had charged her $500,000 to vet her for VP. The McCain … Continue reading

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