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Morning Awful: Romney’s Israeli Kulturkampf

This is the kind of nonsense that makes me want to drink Strychnine and handle snakes. Governor Romney showed up in Israel to talk about the deficiencies of Palestinian “culture:” Mitt Romney told Jewish donors Monday that their culture is … Continue reading

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Israeli Audacity of Stopping Hope

I picked Montgomery, Alabama over being on this boat. Thankfully, CNN still does some international reporting and has a correspondent on board the Audacity of Hope. If you’ve been following Max Blumenthal’s excellent reporting, you’ll know that Israel has been … Continue reading

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A Thousand Words

So this photo went out on the wire: And Reuters cropped it: Which Little Green Footballs’ Charles Johnson calls “proof” that (A) activists were armed with knives (B) Reuters is cropping photos for propaganda purposes, i.e. like FOX News. Problem: … Continue reading

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Flotilla Of The Tennessee

As this posts, I am actually away from the computer floating on a river. A canoe flotilla will be gathering trash in Tennessee this weekend; great fun and camping will be experienced. I might come home to a different world … Continue reading

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Prepare to Repel Boarders

The national mythology of a plucky, lucky people determined in the face of overwhelming odds hasn’t been true of Israel since the 1970s, yet it still warps American reactions to events over there. Consider the following videos which “prove” the … Continue reading

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Nonviolence Applied to Israel

Is it just me, or have all the optics of US-Israeli relations been turned on their heads? Obama’s Israel policy has been consistent: while maintaining the security alliance, he’s patiently and persistently insisted on a halt to Israel’s “hostile development” … Continue reading

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Rules of Politics

I’m going out on a totally-unsupported limb here and rethink my whole attitude towards the Dubai assassination mess just on this guy’s say-so: “There is no reason to think that it was the Israeli Mossad and not some other intelligence … Continue reading

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Photo of the Day

No, your browser’s working correctly. That’s the actual picture, black empty space and all. Condi Rice stands alone on a huge stage, proclaiming “progress” in the quicksands of Palestine. Thanks to Michael Shaw over at HuffPost for pointing this out. … Continue reading

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