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A Thousand Words

This comes from Orly’s campaign website and should be official proof that Michelle Bachmann is a fringe lunatic who must be run out of Congress before she hurts someone. Speaking of which, you can contribute to her Democratic opponent here.

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Best Tweeter

@OTOOLEFAN cracks wise in the holiday spirit: Orly Taitz went all out on her Halloween costume this year. She’s going as an Earthling. Original here. In case you haven’t heard, Taitz is organizing a protest of Bill O’Reilly.

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Why Birthers Won’t Quit

Because they live in a state of denial. As I flipped channels last night, I came across an kind of birther infomercial disguised as televangelism. It was filled with the all same stupid, crazy nonsense we’ve come to expect from … Continue reading

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Even Orly Taitz’s Clients Realize She’s An Idiot

I was all set to file this under “why spelling is important” when I read the very last paragraph of Ben Smith’s post on birthers at Taitz submitted another purported foreign birth certificate for Obama last week in a … Continue reading

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Betsy McCaughey is the New Orly Taitz

Remember Betsy McCaughey, the woman who created with the whole “death panels” nontroversy and then turned into self-parody on the Daily Show set? Turns out she’s just like Orly Taitz, the “lawyer” who got her law degree from a Cracker-Jack … Continue reading

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Betsy McCaughey: the New Orly Taitz

First came Orly Taitz. Now, at long last, Betsy McCaughey has met her match. Betsy McCaughey has been a health care hack since 1994, when her Wall Street Journal op-ed became the template for the defeat of Clinton’s health care … Continue reading

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How Orly Taitz Got Punk’d

The search for Orly Taitz’s Kenyan birth-certificate hoaxer has been percolating through the internet for days. This morning, Politijab seems to have found him or her. An anonymous poster put four images up on The first is the hoax … Continue reading

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Fake Obama Birth Certificates

They’re popping up everywhere. In the wake of Orly Owl’s meltdown on MSNBC, internet humorists everywhere are posting “proof” of Obama’s Kenyan birth. My buddy Kyle of The New Wears Off “found” this one on his desk: They’re propagating like … Continue reading

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Orly Taitz Deconstructed

This being a website of media deconstruction, I have developed a hypothesis that the entire canon of wingnuttia can be distilled into three overlapping and mutually-supporting parts: Teh Crazy™, Teh Wacky™, and Teh Stupid™. Definitions are still somewhat fluid at … Continue reading

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Another Wingnut Fail (UPDATE)

World Net Daily, a website that seems wholly devoted to spreading wacky Obama smears, was trumpeting “proof” of their birther claims yesterday: WASHINGTON – California attorney Orly Taitz, who has filed a number of lawsuits demanding proof of Barack Obama’s … Continue reading

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Why I Miss Cable

Stephen Colbert takes on Obama birth litigator Orly Taitz:

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