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#StopRush, ALEC, and the Howard Stern Category

It’s time for Limbaugh’s defenders to stop before they hurt themselves. Actions like #StopRush have been going on for a long time without any help from George Soros or Media Matters. There is nothing new or innovative about advertiser contact … Continue reading

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Alabama State House Rally for Women’s Rights

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Why Progressives Don’t Get All Their Cookies

While disappointed, marijuana activists have no one but themselves to blame if they invested too much in a president. For as I keep saying, presidents don’t make the laws — especially presidents who understand constitutional law. Obama clarified his administration’s medical … Continue reading

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Angie’s List a Perfect Fit for Limbaugh

This was forwarded to me by a #stoprush volunteer who wrote Angie’s List to cancel their membership over the company’s continued sponsorship of Rush Limbaugh’s sick misogyny circus. It is their unresponsive non-response: Thanks for writing Angie’s List. As you … Continue reading

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Colonel Mustard Pets a Troll

Like the President, William A. Jacobson, Esq. (pictured) has been the Senior Editor of a Harvard legal publication, the International Law Journal. From 1984 to 2007 he maintained a successful private practice dealing with “investment, employment, and business disputes in … Continue reading

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Progressives Have One Million Plans

One of the more hilarious right wing memes out there is the idea that every progressive is a Saul Alinsky acolyte. Alinsky titled his book Rules For Radicals because all too often, radical action stirs no real change. Today’s example … Continue reading

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The Conservative Song Remains the Same

I’m a big fan of Gordon Skeene’s Newstalgia blog at Crooks & Liars, where I found this feature on H.L. Hunt last night. Hunt sounds exactly like an Atlas Shrugged-thumping tea party conservative, and his political activism is reminiscent of … Continue reading

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Occupy Irrelevance

I’ve entertained hope that Occupy would evolve into what tea parties pretended to be, and failed to become: a populist uprising that grows roots and becomes a lasting force. Unfortunately, the militantly-leaderless nature of the movement lends itself to success-averse … Continue reading

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Be Relevant

Presented without commentary.

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Third Parties In Two Party America

In 2008, the Dole Institute of Politics hosted a discussion of third parties in America — and why the modern system has defaulted to just two.

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The Center Cannot Hold

I could not bear to watch the final Republican debate. One of my Twitter correspondents — a sweet-tempered Alabamian named Jill who identifies with neither party, and so considers herself part of the middle — asked me why not. I … Continue reading

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