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Powershifter Open Thread

Open thread for blogotubing. I’m checking the comments regularly if anyone has questions about what the show would be like. The title refers to becoming the change you want to see — i.e., becoming a powershifter.

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Friday Night Open Thread: Louis CK’s 911 Call

The best comedy is the kind that illuminates. Open thread. What’s your favorite “going to hell for laughing at that” bit from standup comedy?

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Friday Night Open Thread: Mark Waid’s “Luther”

Mark Waid is a veteran comic book writer who, a few days back, turned 50 years old. He is a long-running advocate of the possibilities of digital comics in terms of distribution and content, and he’s putting his money where … Continue reading

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Fishing License Tax Open Thread

Correspondent Mia Raven caught this t-shirt at Rick Santorum’s Montgomery speech. I’ve seen this meme before, and it’s always struck me as funny when middle class white people complain about the existence of fiduciary taxes. My personal favorite TAX on … Continue reading

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