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Wiki Cables Were Chaff; Target BOA; Is MERS On Deck?

I was right, the US diplomatic cables were timed to the Forbes article — and Assange has Bank of America in his sights. Wikileaks often runs into problems concerning how to present material and how to make it easier to … Continue reading

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Did Wiki Leak That So They Could Leak Us This?

Amid all the hubbub about the current WikiLeaks document dump, I have felt almost alone in my suspicion that something wasn’t right. A Twitter follower noted that I’d used the term “chaff” twice in describing it; for the uninitiated, chaff … Continue reading

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Passing Oceania

I am writing this blog into a Firefox extension. For those of you unfamiliar with Firefox, it’s an open-source web browser that lets me add functionalities at will through extensions and add-ons — little bits of software I download from … Continue reading

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