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Watching Breitbart’s Throne

This morning, when I posted on Nadia Naffe’s lawsuit against Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney John Patrick Frey @Patterico, I used the words “Breitbart empire.” Naffe’s suit was in fact one subject of many among the last emails Andrew Breitbart exchanged before … Continue reading

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Occupy Stranahan: Monday, September 17 is “Everyone Blog About Lee Stranahan Day”

I’d like to try a scientific experiment. What happens when the blogger who started “Everyone Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day” gets a day of his own as the focus of liberal blogs? Better yet, what if sincere conservative bloggers … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: What Occupy Movement?

Chris Weigant sums up the problem with Occupy succinctly: by rejecting the opportunity to take part in electoral politics, aka “The System,” the protest movement has failed to replicate the success enjoyed by tea parties. The headline “Tea Party Candidate … Continue reading

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Why the Occupy Movement Won’t Be Relevant Until it Involves Itself in Electoral Politics

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Occupy and the Great Pool Jump

Occupy didn’t go away., just one of several big name organizations now swept up in Occupy, is training people in civil disobedience. I have to say I saw this coming, and began advocating for it the moment I witnessed … Continue reading

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Occupy Irrelevance

I’ve entertained hope that Occupy would evolve into what tea parties pretended to be, and failed to become: a populist uprising that grows roots and becomes a lasting force. Unfortunately, the militantly-leaderless nature of the movement lends itself to success-averse … Continue reading

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Occupy Restaurant Kitchens

This is apparently real, in which case screw this guy. I want his name and photos so there can be a “least wanted” flyer for every restaurant kitchen everywhere. Wait staff have a hard enough time as it is without … Continue reading

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Occupy Andrew Breitbart

“An image without context is less than half a truth.” – Concrete: Fragile Creatures, by Paul Chadwick.

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Chris Hedges on the Black Bloc “Cancer” in Occupy (but not in Anonymous)

Author Chris Hedges has been an important figure in the peace party’s revolt against the Obama administration’s war policy since 2009. His bona fides on this count are impeccable: he was booed and heckled while calling out the Bush administration … Continue reading

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The Politics of Being Progressive

In 2011, the progressive blogosphere assumed that fabled, infamous circular firing squad formation and opened fire. The internal politics of netroots are showing up in posts. Digby: The jobs numbers are good, but there also good reason to contain the jubiliation … Continue reading

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Occupy Homes

We can see this campaign of organized squatting as a direct response to the conditions of today’s housing market, which is still struggling to let out the air of rampant speculation pricing from the housing boom. The lagging crisis in … Continue reading

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