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Sad Ending To Wild Baby Bunny Rescue

My home was briefly blessed by the unexpected arrival of baby wild cottontail bunnies recently. We took in three survivors from a rescued litter and enjoyed six wonderful days with them happily munching clover and grass. We were prepared to … Continue reading

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The Margaret Thatcher I Remember

Thatcher, who famously said “there is no society, only families,” was mainly successful at atomizing and attacking the society she denied existed while pretending to fly a flag of freedom over it. Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Doc is Dead

In memoriam, here is the very first Doc Watson track I ever heard. One of the greatest musicians in American history died yesterday at 89. He earned eight Grammy awards, the last in 2006, and had a permanent impact on … Continue reading

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Death Of A Culture Warrior

Oral Roberts, inventor of the “prosperity gospel” movement, is dead. He was 91. Roberts began his evangelist career with the common, hackneyed huckster-healing act; but through national television broadcasting, Roberts would command the faithful to send him tens of millions … Continue reading

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CIT Dead At 101

The company known as CIT succumbed to a long battle with frozen credit markets this weekend. Founded in 1908, the company’s demise as a publicly-traded entity may herald the end of the “too big to fail” era — and is … Continue reading

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In Memoriam

A Pimp Named Slickback Cooley Zen Osborne heard the call of the Black Rabbit of InlĂ© this morning. He was of indeterminate age but was estimated by an expert at five years. A Netherlands dwarf, he was very cute and … Continue reading

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Byron Wilkes is Dead and I Don’t Feel So Good Myself

You cannot liveblog a funeral. The deceased is too much of a story. Byron Wilkes inspired more than one rock band in his life; styling himself “the Alien Autist,” Wilkes studied the “Tenebrous Zeitgeist” of his times, transforming his love … Continue reading

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Death of a Lyric

It’s the end of a lyric. Barry Beckett, founding member of the session band The Swampers, died last Thursday. Millions of people have loved his music for four decades without ever knowing who he was, even when Lynrd Skynrd sang … Continue reading

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