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What We Talk About When We Talk About Drones

So on Thursday, May 23rd 2013, President Obama made this speech. It’s a good speech. I agree with quite a lot of it (by no means all of it.) But it’s not really fair to say that it’s reignited the … Continue reading

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The President Speaking Southern

Many thanks to Imani Gandy, the indomitable Angry Black Lady, herself – not only a fellow alumna of my alma mater, but the savviest of all political pundits about today. She pointed me in the direction of this. Jonathan Chait has … Continue reading

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Leaving Afghanistan

The mission in Afghanistan is to leave. President Obama has signaled since late last year that his Afghanistan strategy was shifting into reverse; with the full cost of America’s boondoggle in Central Asia finally coming clear, withdrawal is the only … Continue reading

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Wake Up, September is Over

I don’t know why this isn’t the big news on last night’s SOTU. Was a milk-based cliché really so distracting? The president’s second ‘graff: We gather tonight knowing that this generation of heroes has made the United States safer and more respected … Continue reading

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Obama and Police Brutality

I understand why Occupy protesters mic checked the president about police abuse: a presidential statement might carry great moral weight while confronting local power. Also, the movement has mic checked everyone else — Eric Cantor and Karl Rove being two … Continue reading

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Nice Cave You Got Here, Plato

It’s been two and a half years since inauguration and I’m sure we’ll figure out any time now why we’re consistently arriving at different views of everything Obama does. (CLICK TO EMBIGGEN) Magic Love Hose is not a professional politician. You can … Continue reading

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12 Things Obama May Or May Not Say Tonight

The president will propose spending about $300 billion on tax cuts and infrastructure. That won’t be enough, but it will cover what is “shovel ready.” The president won’t solve everything in one speech or bill, but here are some priorities … Continue reading

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Will Greens Freak Out For Jobs?

I said yesterday: Friday’s progressive freakout over nixed EPA smog rules is not really about fighting smog, but the myopia of issue focus in the blogosphere and the inflated currency of online outrage. Transportation is a wonky subject that often … Continue reading

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On Criticizing the President

by vdaze There is a myth being perpetuated by some that those who consistently and vocally support the President do not accept criticism of him in any form. Rubbish. The “beef” that I, and many I identify with most closely, … Continue reading

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EPA Smog Rules Freakout is Ridiculous

First of all, let’s stop with the stupid sports metaphors. Really. If you need an analogy, smog regulations are a low card in a high stakes game, and Lisa Jackson is the queen of hearts when Obama needs spades. If … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Care What Day Obama Gives His Speech (NSFW)

By Magic Love Hose (I am going to use the phrase ‘turtle fucking’ a lot in this post. You were warned.) Every year, in America, in the sweltering August heat, politics gets insane. Matt & I have talked about how … Continue reading

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