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Moving a Mountain Out of Iraq

From Stars & Stripes, video of a soldier tasked with the US Army’s orderly logistical withdrawal from Iraq. Probably half of the much-ballyhooed Persian Gulf buildup upon leaving Iraq will actually be the storing and maintaining of all those containers … Continue reading

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Obama Beats All Republicans On National Security

The mission in Iraq is to get everyone and everything out by New Year’s Day. The mission in Libya has been to stay out, while the mission in Afghanistan is now to finish and get home: The 320-foot-high Kajaki Dam, … Continue reading

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Applied Force In Libya

War is a blunt instrument, be your weapons ever so precise. Firepower has a limited utility inversely proportional to its explosive potential. Nevertheless, my response to those who say that ‘war is a lie’ is to ask the city fathers … Continue reading

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Barack Bush Bashing

The president proves he is just like Bush by repudiating the Bush doctrine. I’m sure there’s a firebagger who can explain to me how that works. The president has a habit of making major policy speeches to the corps of … Continue reading

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Nuclear Options

Obama’s nuclear doctrine is the opposite of Bush’s, and was formulated in exactly the opposite way: The strategy to be released on Tuesday is months late, partly because Mr. Obama had to adjudicate among advisers who feared he was not … Continue reading

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Moshtarak = Cooperation

The Huffington Post sees the Baradar capture as a confusing story about war fog: 10:39 AM ET — The fog of war in Pakistan. Joshua Foust at masterfully highlights the confusion over a) how the recent captures of Taliban … Continue reading

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Talking With Arabs

The Secretary of State spoke to Al Jazeera — because Obama is totally just like Bush, right? It’s a move that’s taken too long to happen. Clinton apparently talked about Iran, saying that a military dictatorship is emerging there. Here … Continue reading

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Arms Control: “Breakthrough in Months”

Another one for the “just like Bush” folder! From the AFP: WASHINGTON — The United States and Russia have reached an “agreement in principle” to slash their nuclear weapons stockpiles, the first such pact in nearly two decades, the Wall … Continue reading

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Obama to Fire ALL Bush Ambassadors

There was a time when American ambassadors were competent, qualified diplomats who represented their country’s interests with creativity and sagacity. Believe it or not, those days ended long before Bush was a glimmer in the eye. The “new” tradition, using … Continue reading

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