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Epic 11-D Chess Aikido Sword Move

Obama cuts clean on CNN: [T]he one thing that I think is important to underscore is that I would love to just spend a lot of my time venting and yelling at people. But that’s not the job I was … Continue reading

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Ending The Age Of Stupid

More of this: Maybe he should use a visual aid: All that smoke about Teh Socializms™ and climate-change denial doesn’t stop the ice from melting.

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Narcissus Pronoun Nontroversy

In the continuing quest to promote their “narcissist” meme, Faux Noise has been counting the number of times the president uses the first-person singular pronoun in his speeches. Of course, they do this without context or comparison. Mark Lieberman makes … Continue reading

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Talking With Arabs

The Secretary of State spoke to Al Jazeera — because Obama is totally just like Bush, right? It’s a move that’s taken too long to happen. Clinton apparently talked about Iran, saying that a military dictatorship is emerging there. Here … Continue reading

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Prayer Breakfast

Obama was asked to skip the Prayer Breakfast, but he went anyway. Instead of lambasting the C-Street “Family,” the president staked out the center again and called them to participate in a consensus. Once again, the genius of his rhetorical … Continue reading

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The Obama You Voted For

On the left, response to the president’s pantsing of House Republicans has been universal relief. Finally, more than one commenter has declared, this is the Obama I voted for. We’ve all been frustrated by the wishy-washy wishfulness of bipartisanship, haven’t … Continue reading

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Grabbing the Center

Obama grabbed the political center last night — and Republicans played right into his hands with boorish behavior. They sat on their hands; as he spoke about tax cuts and banks and small business, the Democrats leaped to applaud. The … Continue reading

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WH Press Corps Threatens to Get Adversarial

Print reporters in DC complained today that Obama is slighting their Very Serious Reporting by talking to TV journalists and diminishing their Very Important Role by speaking to bloggers. Of course, that’s what Obama has been doing since he started … Continue reading

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