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Radio Rwanda in Houston

Conservative Texas radio host Michael Berry, who bravely took up for Ted Nugent earlier this week, took up for Gary Stein on Wednesday. Stein ignored repeated warnings from his chain of command to turn his Facebook profile into an anti-Obama … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Perkins Goes Full Birther

It’s not just the Southern Poverty Law Center calling the Family Research Council a hate group anymore. FRC President Tony Perkins has gone full birther: No, Mr. Perkins, there are no “legitimate questions” about President Obama’s place of birth. There … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Reynold’s Rap

Wait for it, this gets even better: At a meeting of the Marengo County Republican Executive Committee, as reported by the Marengo Democrat-Reporter, Reynolds told gathered Republicans that there is “no doubt President Barack Obama is a Muslim, and he … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Rick Perry Goes Birther

Sorry, Governor Goodhair. We cannot accept these answers you gave Parade magazine: Governor, do you believe that President Barack Obama was born in the United States? I have no reason to think otherwise. That’s not a definitive, “Yes, I believe … Continue reading

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Bradley and the Birthers: a Manning-Militia Mix?

Over the weekend, a progressive organizer and friend was approached by members of Oath Keepers. Apparently, the organization is looking for allies in the peace movement by comparing Bradley Manning to Terry Lakin. From the Colorado Independent: “What if Terry … Continue reading

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The Revolution Will Be Monetized

Remember the birther-mercial? It was basically a fax scam playing to late-nite rubes across the south: The ironically-named Gary Kreep, who produced that video under a 501(c)4 for-profit corporation, turns out to also be Executive Director of A California-based PAC … Continue reading

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Virginia Attorney General Busted For Birtherism

Simon Owens has the full details.

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Stupid Billboards

Note to wingnuts: just because you believe the president is illegitimate doesn’t mean you get to stop paying your taxes. This comes from Oliver Willis: “Vote out incumbents” is a not new meme, and it’s a rather Orwellian one. As … Continue reading

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Birthers Go Commercial

I caught this the other night. According to TPM, it’s playing in seven southern states: Tennessee, Louisiana, Missouri, Alabama, Texas, Georgia, and Florida. TPM Muckraker has determined the commercial was co-produced by “Gary Kreep, executive director of the Ramona, CA-based … Continue reading

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In response to yesterday’s post about birtherism, Anonymous said… There is no “birther” controversy if you just ignore the issue. Honestly, I don’t understand why the left is so obsessed and concerned and can’t stop complaining about this and calling … Continue reading

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Why Birthers Won’t Quit

Because they live in a state of denial. As I flipped channels last night, I came across an kind of birther infomercial disguised as televangelism. It was filled with the all same stupid, crazy nonsense we’ve come to expect from … Continue reading

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