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White House Science Fair

President Obama deserves accolades for promoting science and math this way. The best part of this is his hands-on approach, never talking down to the kids but engaging them in a conversation that lets them show their stuff.

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I Am Such An Obot

that I asked this question in a White House conference call today: I recently visited a help center operated by forty-three area churches in northwest Alabama. A video about this is on the front page of my website. The center … Continue reading

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August Surprises

Rumors are now allegedly “rampant” from Wall Street to main street that the president will use his executive powers to force FANNIE and FREDDIE to forgive underwater home mortgages: 3) Keep in mind the political and economic context. The nascent … Continue reading

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Are We Ready For “Angry Black” Obama?

So everyone’s talking about this as “Obama’s Katrina,” even Frank Rich: For all the second-guessing, it’s still not clear what else the president might have done to make a definitive, as opposed to cosmetic, difference in plugging the hole: yell … Continue reading

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Interior Damage

The Interior Department was already a mess in 2001 as Bush was sworn in. It spent the next eight years getting so much worse: billions in missing oil & gas fees, corruption, drug use, and mismanagement led to scandal and … Continue reading

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Nonviolent Reform

A few months ago, Booman noted the difficulties and complexities of getting health care reform passed. In doing so, he pointed out some inconvenient truths about the process — truths that, upon annoying the lefty ‘sphere with their truthfulness, invoked … Continue reading

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11-D Chess Online

If Obama had written a health care bill a la Clinton 1993, that same fiasco would have happened all over again. So he chose the opposite strategy: identifying three key elements of reform, he described the same plan he’d envisioned … Continue reading

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The Obama You Voted For

On the left, response to the president’s pantsing of House Republicans has been universal relief. Finally, more than one commenter has declared, this is the Obama I voted for. We’ve all been frustrated by the wishy-washy wishfulness of bipartisanship, haven’t … Continue reading

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One Hand Tied Behind His Back

Maddow takes down Beck’s “czar” hysteria: David Weigel has a good rundown on this nontroversy at the Washington Independent; it’s just another form of GOP obstructionism aimed at hampering Obama’s ability to govern. Effective leadership consists of delegation to competent … Continue reading

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After a Short Breather, Obama Rolls Up Sleeves

This will be the most important presidential transition in modern history, and Obama seems to be approaching it with his customary planning and judgment. According to MSNBC, Rahm Emanuel has accepted the all-important Chief of Staff position; Obama’s first appointment … Continue reading

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