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Morning Awful: Non-Christians Can Get Out

Via JoeMyGod: on Sunday night, Rick Santorum was introduced at an event in Louisiana by Baptist pastor Dennis Terry, who wants all the non-Christians to “get out” of the United States. Presumably, that would mean putting them all in concentration … Continue reading

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Conservative Culture Sows the Seeds of its Own Demise

Millennials, who will be the decisive cohort in future national elections, are less religious than previous generations and less likely to respond to social wedge issues. Evangelicals, on the other hand, are voting in record numbers in the Republican primaries — in fact, they make up half … Continue reading

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Mass Effect: Codename Renegade

Breitbart’s recent unveiling of footage showing Obama hugging a man who was a black was only the tip of the iceberg. We here at Political Gunpowder are proud to bring you the exclusive image of Barack Obama’s time commanding the element-zero … Continue reading

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President Obama is Really Terrible at the Whole Muslim Thing

It is long past time that we adopted a collective and individual response to the Obama-is-a-seekrit-Mooslim smear: hysterical laughter followed by immediate dismissal of absolutely everything else that person has to say about anything. Such people must not be granted … Continue reading

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Politics and Religion Are Not Supposed to Mix

Let me repeat that title: Politics and religion are not supposed to mix. That’s the basis on which our country was founded. Quite simply, that’s what separation of Church and State is all about. In the UK, where I live, … Continue reading

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The Justifiable Anger of Black Women … For Those Who Should Know Better (But Don’t)

By Emilia 1956 As we know, our First Lady, Michelle Obama, recently answered back in an interview about the latest Obama gossip book, where she’s less-than-overtly portrayed as the ubiquitous embodiment of an “angry black woman.” It’s been interesting to … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Pat Robertson

Zombie televangelist on zombie cable network spouts zombie lies about Obama. There’s no other way to parse this except Obama’s mother was a nigger-loving whore — you can just see the words wanting to burst out of Pat Robertson’s senile, … Continue reading

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Are We Ready For “Angry Black” Obama?

So everyone’s talking about this as “Obama’s Katrina,” even Frank Rich: For all the second-guessing, it’s still not clear what else the president might have done to make a definitive, as opposed to cosmetic, difference in plugging the hole: yell … Continue reading

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Faith-Based President

The president gets prayers by Blackberry every day: The morning devotional is sent each morning via email by White House faith director Joshua DuBois, the Associated Press reports. Obama said he called the daily prayer a “wonderful practice,” adding that … Continue reading

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The Revolution Will Be Monetized

Remember the birther-mercial? It was basically a fax scam playing to late-nite rubes across the south: The ironically-named Gary Kreep, who produced that video under a 501(c)4 for-profit corporation, turns out to also be Executive Director of A California-based PAC … Continue reading

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Virginia Attorney General Busted For Birtherism

Simon Owens has the full details.

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