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New Crossroads Ad Not Aimed At Liberals

Reacting to the new Crossroads GPS ad yesterday, Jamelle Bouie accused Romney of “running the most mendacious presidential campaign in recent memory.” Steve Benen complained “the political world has become inured to the constant lying, and it’s not a healthy … Continue reading

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Something We Knew All Along

Newt Gingrich, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan … oh, and Frank Luntz. Get them all together in a room, and you have a gaggle of trouble. Now it seems, as the 2012 Presidential campaign gets underway that, from the very first … Continue reading

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Where Credit Is Due

Of course, if it had gone wrong, I’m sure the question of ownership would be just as earnestly argued on both sides, right?

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Radio Rwanda in Houston

Conservative Texas radio host Michael Berry, who bravely took up for Ted Nugent earlier this week, took up for Gary Stein on Wednesday. Stein ignored repeated warnings from his chain of command to turn his Facebook profile into an anti-Obama … Continue reading

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Why Progressives Don’t Get All Their Cookies

While disappointed, marijuana activists have no one but themselves to blame if they invested too much in a president. For as I keep saying, presidents don’t make the laws — especially presidents who understand constitutional law. Obama clarified his administration’s medical … Continue reading

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Why Learn Civics When It’s So Much Fun Pissing on the President?

OK, Friday was 4/20. It was also my dad’s birthday. And it was also Hitler’s birthday too. Of course, limousine liberals would celebrate the first event and fingerpoint at the Right on the third, but it seems that the issue … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Ted and Dana

There is something not normal about a person who can hobnob with Secret Service agents and then speak of the man they guard with their lives as a coyote that should be shot. Ted Nugent will be treated like any … Continue reading

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Occupy Irrelevance

I’ve entertained hope that Occupy would evolve into what tea parties pretended to be, and failed to become: a populist uprising that grows roots and becomes a lasting force. Unfortunately, the militantly-leaderless nature of the movement lends itself to success-averse … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Teabagging Asshat is Totally Not Racist

Presented without commentary. Via Winningateverything

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Sex, Lies, Videotape, and Obama Derangement Syndrome

By Emilia1956 On Monday’s show, Ed Schultz chose to concentrate on the unduly high level of open abuse various operatives of the Republican Party are heaping on the President now. His guests were Melissa Harris-Perry and James Peterson:- Several points … Continue reading

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Scary Stupid Headupassitis

By Emilia1956 For the umpteenth time, Hillary Clinton has said she’s leaving politics. She’s not interested in running for President. She’s finished. Done. Retired. For the time being. At least after this stint as Secretary of State. According to an … Continue reading

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