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Harold Simmons Actually Looks Like Mr. Burns

Harold Simmons needs to be a household name, and not for a good reason. He would make┬áThe Simpsons into a documentary. I’ll let Rachel Maddow explain:

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Fukushima Fallout: Five 9/11s

Nuclear power is unsafe at any wattage, but especially so when multiple reactors get sited on a fault line. The radioactive contamination got carried by Pacific winds all the way to the United States, where it started killing Americans right … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Fukushima, Alabama

Browns Ferry got hit with a Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) citation. There have been five of those issued to the entire American industry since 2001: The finding means Browns Ferry will undergo increased NRC inspections until the commission concludes the … Continue reading

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Republican Tea Codependency

The verification regime in Obama’s new START is better than Reagan’s. The treaty has the unconditional support of everyone in the defense establishment. It’s vital to a nonproliferation strategy to deal with rogue states. So why is John Kyl on … Continue reading

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PCCF: Obama’s Pakistan Policy

Candidate Obama pledged to make nuclear security a key part of his foreign policy. President Obama made nuclear disarmament his central, long-term goal at the United Nations, promoting the security of nuclear weapons and materials. Now Seymour Hersh outlines the … Continue reading

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Whistleblower Win

A rare win for a whistleblower. James Speegle, 43, contended he was fired in May 2004 two days after he alerted the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that the torus, a vessel used to store cooling water for the Unit 1 nuclear … Continue reading

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