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Occupy and the Great Pool Jump

Occupy didn’t go away., just one of several big name organizations now swept up in Occupy, is training people in civil disobedience. I have to say I saw this coming, and began advocating for it the moment I witnessed … Continue reading

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Bahrain is Not Syria

Watch Bahraini police fire tear gas in response to Molotov cocktails. Bahrain’s uprising is just as legitimate and real as any in the world, but this is not a nonviolent protest; and Bahrain’s government is not the Assad regime. Two … Continue reading

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Chris Hedges on the Black Bloc “Cancer” in Occupy (but not in Anonymous)

Author Chris Hedges has been an important figure in the peace party’s revolt against the Obama administration’s war policy since 2009. His bona fides on this count are impeccable: he was booed and heckled while calling out the Bush administration … Continue reading

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Occupy Valley Forge

While nonpartisan frustration with the direction of occupation protests had begun to mount, the movement was already planning an organized retreat to Winter quarters. In an essay on activism as kulturkampf, Micah White writes at Adbusters: We can accelerate the #OCCUPYHOMES meme … Continue reading

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Occupy for the Little Guy

This is the most encouraging possible transition for Occupy protests to make. Decamping the parks and bivouacking in the front yards of fraudulent-foreclosure victims brings the activism right to Main Street, USA, where the 99% live: As I’ve said before, the … Continue reading

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Winter Soldiers

Fourth in a series of half-hour documentaries about progressive organizing, “Winter Soldiers” is an inside look at a frozen Thermopylae for the peace movement. In front of the White House on December 16, 2010, Veterans For Peace led the way … Continue reading

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Obama and Police Brutality

I understand why Occupy protesters mic checked the president about police abuse: a presidential statement might carry great moral weight while confronting local power. Also, the movement has mic checked everyone else — Eric Cantor and Karl Rove being two … Continue reading

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What Thoreau, Gandhi and MLK Really Meant about Non-Violent Protest

By Emilia 1956 It’s not vocal, it’s not as dramatic as a cracked head and it’s not manning the barricades of the communes Les Miserables-style. However, what UCal Davis’s Chancellor Linda Katehi witnessed and endured was the perfect example of … Continue reading

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In the Free Speech Zone at the School of the Americas Watch

This is what democracy looks like: so endangered we need free speech zones to protect it. Inside you will find veterans and faith-based organizations alongside idealistic young and old of every stripe. Once you cross the line back into the … Continue reading

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Nothing Left To Lose

Mayor Bloomberg should try reading his own newswire before pontificating on the innocence of Wall Street. If he wants to know why Americans are willing to face pepper spray and batons, he need look no further than this study publicized … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Busting Heads

They know not what they do. “They” being Wall Street and their tool Mayor Bloomberg, whose mass arrests last night to clear Zuccotti Park will only enlarge the movement. The NYPD apparently brought out sound cannons, which will prove as … Continue reading

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