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The Future of Progressive Security Policy

I wasn’t at Netroots Nation this year, so I had to attend this panel by internet. As I keep saying, the noninterventionist argument is self-limited, and dissonant with the empirical evidence of the post-Cold War period; I think this panel … Continue reading

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I Am Not Going to Netroots Nation this Year

I received a voicemail from DFA yesterday to inform me that their DFA Netroots scholarships are not being offered to prior winners this year. Since I cannot cover the costs of travel, hotel, and admission, I’m not going this year. … Continue reading

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I Have Neglected My Netroots Bid

Hey, I’ve been a little busy. If you haven’t already added your support, please click here and do that — I promise this is much easier than signing a White House petition. Netroots Nation and DFA do a great thing … Continue reading

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I Demand to be Included in Legal Insurrection’s Sinister StopRush Conspiracy Theory

I had forgotten about Legal Insurrection and its author, William Jacobson, an Ivy League law professor who’s nuttier than a pecan-pistachio-peanut butter sandwich. He last appeared as a subject in this blog nearly three years ago, when he spent the … Continue reading

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It’s That Time Again

Please click below to lend your support to my Netroots Nation DFA Scholarship bid.

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Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy

At Netroots Nation 2010, a lone blogger set out to ask attendees of the largest conference of online activists and bloggers in the world whether their organizations had ever taken a check from George Soros. “The left” turns out to … Continue reading

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It’s Coming Down

Regular readers know that I’m not a Jane Hamsher fan. There are still people blogging at FDL whose work I admire, but now there is one less: Marcy Wheeler, better known as @emptywheel, is moving her blog to a new … Continue reading

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Midwest High Speed Rail Association

Not only did Minneapolis have awesome transit — buses, bike lanes, and light rail — but the Midwest High Speed Rail Association had a booth at the Netroots Nation confab. Manager of Education and Outreach Madeline Grennan was on hand … Continue reading

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Lily Eskelsen on the Education Culture Wars

This is Lily Eskelsen, Vice President of the National Education Association. She can tell you all about the radical reconstruction that right-wing conservatives have in mind for public education. Name one political issue that doesn’t hinge on education — just … Continue reading

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David Weigel at Netroots Nation

So I ran into David Weigel at Netroots, who quoted me: “I’m glad there’s not a hyper-focus on Obama,” says Matt Osborne, a videographer and blogger from Alabama. “I went down and filmed the new legislature in our state. It’s … Continue reading

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My Interview with Craig Stellmacher

So yeah, I ran into Craig Stellmacher on my way out of the confab and gave an interview. Face for radio, voice for television. This is why I’m never going to be a TV pundit:

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