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Deep Capture

Senator Ted Kaufman (D-DE) will hold hearings on financial fraud next week: In the hearing, which is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. EST in Washington on Wednesday, Dec. 9, Kaufman is hoping to examine the prospects for prosecuting those responsible for … Continue reading

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Patrick Byrne Supplied Cramer Tape to Stewart

Remember when Jon Stewart destroyed Jim Cramer with video of Mr. Mad Money bragging about how much fun it was to manipulate stock prices for profit? The source of the video was a mystery, but Patrick Byrne, CEO of … Continue reading

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CNN: Corporate News Network

The original cable news titan whitewashes the issue of naked short selling: No mention of how millions of phantom shares never get delivered. No mention of the telltale signs of fraudulent short-selling at the heart of the financial meltdown last … Continue reading

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The One They Didn’t Print

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Times Daily didn’t run my response to this tinfoil-hat hackery. To the Editor: Lawrence Swift blames a “shallow, misinformed and apathetic citizenry” for “acquiescence in the face of egregious usurpations of power.” For “shallow, misinformed and … Continue reading

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