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Why I Don’t Care What Day Obama Gives His Speech (NSFW)

By Magic Love Hose (I am going to use the phrase ‘turtle fucking’ a lot in this post. You were warned.) Every year, in America, in the sweltering August heat, politics gets insane. Matt & I have talked about how … Continue reading

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The MSM Stovepipe

We’ve seen this pattern before. A non-sourced, anonymous story enters the right-wing blogosphere and gets picked up by mainstream media, allowing the right to stovepipe their insanity. This one began with a post at the Chicago Tribune Swamp page: One … Continue reading

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America’s Most Trusted News Source? Jon Stewart

My apologies for a dearth of posts today. The Comcast truck just finished repairing my internet connection. TIME magazine’s online poll has Jon Stewart of The Daily Show beating all three network anchors as “America’s most trusted newscaster” now that … Continue reading

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The Hyperlink Age and Big Media

I’ve been posting lately on the failures of Big Media and their consequent resentment and jealousy of new media. Not only does this lead the MSM to manufacture controversy, it enables the right wing media machine to stovepipe their insanity. … Continue reading

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Square-Peg Pounding Continues

The neocon counteroffensive against the National Intelligence Estimate went into full swing today. Their dream of reversing the 1979 revolution cannot be denied, even by reality. Alan Dershowitz showed up on Huffpost (once a paladin of new media, quickly becoming … Continue reading

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